Another Major GOP Senator Breaks Rank, Says “It’s Time To Move On”

Republican U.S. Senator Richard Shelby admitted today that Joe Biden is the President-Elect and he also said it is time to “move on” from the election.

“The Electoral College met earlier this week, which is our constitutional process for determining the result of the presidential election,” Shelby, chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, said in a statement to “The electors voted 306 for Joe Biden and 232 for Donald Trump, thereby making Joe Biden the official President-elect. While I wish it would have yielded a different outcome, it’s time to move on.”

These comments come after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recognized Biden as President-Elect during a speech on the Senate floor.

McConnell’s comments were criticized by President Donald Trump on Twitter, who shared a news report on McConnell’s remarks in a tweet with a message that said, “Mitch, 75,000,000 VOTES, a record for a sitting President (by a lot). Too soon to give up. Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry!”

As expected, the internet community reacted to this immediately.

“These RINOS are very cozy with Biden. You know the deepstate only rotates every 4 years. IT’S TIME TO SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME .” one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “Trump clearly won this election, anyone who thinks this isn’t the case must have been one of the 6 people in circles at a biden “rally””

One person said, “Republicans who refuse to fight must be thrown out of the party .”

Another person said, “Hey Republican patriots… show mitch who’s really in charge. Encourage like minded Georgia Republican Patriots to write in Donald J Trump on BOTH senatorial run-off elections. It’s the only way to fire that turncoat mitch mcconnell!”

What are your thoughts on this folks?