Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Biden new approval numbers sinks into the abyss

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    President Biden is facing his lowest approval rating since taking office, and it’s largely due to Democrats, the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds.

    Biden’s approval rating in the poll is now at 36%. That’s a 4 percentage-point drop from June, and inside the numbers, it’s attributable to a 9-point decline within his own party.

    While 75% of Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing, that’s considered low for a president’s own party. Last month, 84% of Democrats said they approved of the job Biden was doing, according to the survey.

    Republicans and independents are far lower — just 5% of Republicans and only 28% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing. Those are unchanged from a month ago.

    For context, Donald Trump’s approval within his party when he was president was never that low in the poll, not even after the Jan. 6 insurrection (77%) or the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist demonstration (76%), at which one person was killed — and whose participants Trump dismissed as “very fine people, on both sides.”

    In this survey, four times as many respondents said they strongly disapprove of the job Biden is doing than approve — 43% to 11%. And only 30% of Democrats said they strongly approve of the job the president is doing.

    Biden has continually faced a lack of enthusiasm among his base. He was never progressives’ preferred choice for president, but many held their nose to vote for him against Trump.

    That was certainly true for younger voters. In 2020, voters 45 and younger went for Biden by a 56%-42% margin, according to exit polls. But in this survey, 63% say they disapprove of the job Biden is doing. Just 30% approve, compared with 40% of those 45 and older.

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