Biden to deliver Thanksgiving address

President elect Joe Biden will deliver a Thanksgiving presser today, his team confirmed.

President elect Biden released the details about this address yesterday. The live-streamed speech would touch on the “shared sacrifices Americans are making this holiday season” while delivering a message “that we can and will get through the current crisis together.

Experts assume that Biden’s presser will possibly address the problem that millions of Americans are facing right now. As you probably know, Americans are facing food insecurity this holiday season. Many charities around America have reported that there are historically long lines for a meal assistance in the recent weeks. In addition, millions of Americans are still without work because of the shutdowns that were / are in place in order to stop the spreading of the epidemic.

Biden’s address comes at a time when more than 12 million COVID infections are spotted in the United States. This is the highest number in the world. Experts also say that Trump’s handling of COVID was seen as a key factor in Biden’s victory this month. However, as you know, the victory is still not confirmed by Trump as he is still in legal battles in several key battleground states. On the other hand, Trump’s chances of overturning any states’ results look increasingly unlikely.

The address will also follow the beginning of the official White House transition process earlier this week, delayed by General Services Administration (GSA) director Emily Murphy for weeks due to Trump’s ongoing refusal to concede the 2020 election despite every major news network calling the election in Biden’s favor.

It seems that President elect Joe Biden is slowly but surely establishing himself as the next President of America. On the other hand, Trump is refusing to go down without a fight. Whatever happens next, remains to be seen. He was also a director of the men’s World Cup that was jointly held by Australia and New Zealand in 2015.