Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Biden’s Campaign in Crisis: ‘Scary’ Insider Leaks!

    Senior Democrats that include some of President Joe Biden’s closest aides believe that his campaign is pursuing a losing strategy against likely GOP nominee and 2020 opponent former President Donald Trump.

    So far, Biden’s campaign appears to be focused on highlighting the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot and a message that Trump is a “threat to democracy,” as well as Trump’s character stemming from his court losses, Axios reported.

    “Biden’s core inner circle hasn’t lost faith in that approach, the product of Biden and his longtime aide, Mike Donilon,” the outlet reported, adding: “But that puts them on an island within much of the party about what will decide the election, as polls consistently have shown Biden tied or behind even after a slight bump following Trump’s criminal conviction.”

    Multiple polls have shown that voters are highly concerned about the state of democracy, with their biggest worries being inflation and the economy. The polls also indicate a decline in support for President Biden among key Democratic voting groups, including blacks, Latinos, young adults, and union members. However, the message about democracy seems to be gaining traction with older voters, Axios reported.


    Latest Posts

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