Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Biden’s Campaign in Crisis: Voters Demand He Ends Run!

    A whopping 72 percent of voters believe President Joe Biden should not run for a second term, up nine points from February.

    A recent CBS News/YouGov poll highlights potential concerns among voters about Biden’s ability to complete his term. This survey will be one of the first post-debate polls that Democratic strategists and donors will examine to assess the impact of Biden’s debate performance on his candidacy.

    Among Democrats, 46 percent said Biden should not be running for a second term, up 10 points since February. When pollsters asked respondents why Biden should not run, they answered:

    –His age: 86 percent

    –Decisions he might make in office: 71 percent

    –His record as president: 66 percent


    Latest Posts

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