Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Biden’s Unfiltered Response: What the President Really Thinks About Hunter’s Guilty Verdict

    President Joe Biden released a statement in support of his son, Hunter Biden, after he was convicted Tuesday of lying on gun-purchasing paperwork and unlawfully possessing a gun.

    “As I said last week, I am the President, but I am also a Dad. Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today,” the president said. “So many families who have had loved ones battle addiction understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery.

    “As I also said last week, I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal. Jill and I will always be there for Hunter and the rest of our family with our love and support. Nothing will ever change that.”

    Federal authorities charged Hunter Biden, the first son, with making illegal gun sales and lying on a background check form. The case was tried in Vermont, and a jury found him guilty.


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