Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    BREAKING: Jesse Watters Exposes Huge Corruption In DC

    Jesse Watters exposed corruption in Washington D. C. Saturday on “Watters’ World,” saying the nation’s capital is “corrupt to the bone,” and voters are getting “hosed.”

    JESSE WATTERS:  In another speech in Jersey this week, Joe Biden wraps, coughs into his hand, and then starts shaking other people’s hands. Media’s silent. No masks, media dead silent. But make sure you have to mask your 6-year-old. The whole thing’s a fraud. It’s like the emperor with no clothes. The Democrats in the media are afraid to say this guy’s got no clothes on. Because if they call him out, his entire presidency collapses.

    So everybody sits around pretending that this is normal. Like they don’t see anything. Pretending they don’t see how nuts this is. Biden and the Democrats don’t see how awkward this is. They take this silence as a license to steal. Because they’re not being called out for anything, they can get away with everything. That’s what they think. And they are. Hunter Biden’s paintings are valued at half a million dollars. That’s more than what a signed Picasso’s worth. Hunter and Joe share a secret bank account. And Hunter’s associates do Joe’s taxes. Is anybody paying attention here? 

    Our attorney general’s family’s getting rich off critical race theory in schools. Merrick Garland’s daughter married a dude who’s making millions pushing CRT in Virginia. So the dad, Garland, uses the FBI to silence parents who don’t want CRT. Angry parents are now the new domestic terrorists. The attorney general’s using the FBI for profit.


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