Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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    CNN IN CHAOS: Dana Bash’s Outrage Erupts – Trump’s Michigan Lead Sparks On-Air Drama!

    CNN host Dana Bash appeared to become exasperated during a Friday on-air discussion about former President Donald Trump’s rise in swing state polling.

    Bash discussed recent polling in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump is leading in the Great Lakes State and is tied in the Keystone State with President Joe Biden on most major issues, including the Israel-Hamas war.

    She noted that should Trump win both of those states, Biden could not afford to lose “Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, or Nebraska’s second congressional district, or he will not win the White House.”

    Bash expressed shock that the only two issues where Biden was leading were  “abortion and democracy.”

    “Then you look at other issues: U.S and world affairs, economy, immigration, Israel/Gaza, Trump has an advantage and it’s actually- if you look at the Israel-Gaza question, the fact that Trump has a 20-point advantage in Michigan. I mean, the world is upside down,” she said.


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