CNN Panel Loses Their Mind Over Bartiromo-Trump Interview

Just mere minutes after President Trump and Maria Bartiromo finished their interivew, CNN’s Brian Stelter started off his show by slamming Bartiromo and the “delusional” Trump.

During the lengthy interivew, President Trump talked about the election and how the court system is corrupt. Host Maria Bartiromo was very much in agreement with what Trump was saying, and asked him about the likelihood of this going all the way to the Supreme Court.

Stelter then lost it over this. He called Trump “delusional” about the election and is making claims “that are dangerous, completely false, and doing so with an interviewer who is not an interviewer at all.

This was not hardball, this was not even softball. This was tee-ball,” Stelter said, criticizing the Fox host for letting the president “lie and lie and lie.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy said that “history will not remember people like Maria Bartiromo very well.” He also commented that Maria was very reckless with how she conducted the interview. He even went so far as to compare her to Alex Jones:

There would be outrage if Fox News hired someone like InfoWars’ Alex Jones to be anchoring a show on their network. Frankly, there is not much daylight between Maria and Alex Jones. She’s accepting the same delusional conspiracy theories that the president is spinning. And she’s actually encouraging him. She’s acting shocked… And he spins another lie and she acts shocked and says, ‘Wow, people don’t believe the election results.’ Well, gee, I wonder why.

You can watch the video here.

The panel went too far this time. No need to smear Bartiromo or President Trump. Just because you don’t agree with how she conducted the interview, this doesn’t mean you have to attack her.