CBS Mocks ‘Annoying’ Voice of Female Trump Witness, Colbert Makes Vulgar Joke

Stephen Colbert mocks Melissa Carone

CBS journalists and hosts viciously mocked a Michigan woman who was a witness for the Trump team on voter fraud. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King sneered at her “annoying” voice and mannerisms.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert also disgustingly went after the woman, who is not a celebrity or a politician, for five minutes, making a vulgar sex joke at her expense.

Melissa Carone, a witness in Michigan for the Trump campaign, claimed to have worked a “24-hour shift at Detroit’s vote-counting operation at TCF Center.” Yet, after CBS This Morning played a clip of her speaking, King mocked: “I knew, guys, when I watched her yesterday, Colbert, Corden, Kimmel, all of them were going to have a field day. It was the way she talked like that, the way she moved her head. Stephen [Colbert] is absolutely right. She was annoying. Welcome to CBS This Morning. Enough of that.

Colbert on Thursday went farther, making a sex joke about this woman. He began by playing part of her televised exchange in Michigan. From Newsbusters:

STEPHEN COLBERT: Well, Melissa didn’t spend the whole time accusing poll workers of messing with the vote count but also accused the legislators and ghosts.

STATE REP STEVEN JOHNSON:  Are we saying the poll book is either wildly off or that they are filling in names?

MELISSA CARONE: Wildly off. It’s wildly off and they are filling in names. Dead people voted.

JOHNSON: My question is, we are not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes. That’s not the case.

CARONE: What did you do, take it and do something crazy to it?

Colbert, a comedian turned Democratic activist on CBS, then made this gross crack:

Why is she biting her lip? What crazy thing does she think they did to the books? “What’d you do? Did you take books to a fancy hotel room, order some strawberries and champagne and give it a little back rub and then do something crazy to it? The kind of thing your boyfriend Brian is too scared to try?”