Sunday, March 3, 2024

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    Countdown to Caucuses: GOP Hopeful Stuns with Major Announcement – Exclusive Details Revealed!

    Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledged again on Tuesday to remain in the 2024 GOP primary race despite low single-digit polling nationally and his continuing to lag far behind the shrinking field’s frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

    Christie made his remarks during an interview with MSNBC.

    “I just want to follow up on something you just said a moment ago, you know, certainly you resisting calls to drop off pre-New Hampshire — drop out pre-New Hampshire, you’ve made that case very clear, but you just said that you plan to stay in, you know, through potentially the Trump legal process, which we don’t know when it can occur, but it certainly wouldn’t be before March, April and beyond,” network correspondent John Lemire began.

    “So do you see yourself riding this all the way to the convention, even if, you know, you have struggled to attract delegates at that point?” he asked.


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