Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Election Shocker: ‘Never Biden’ Voters Eclipse ‘Never Trumpers’—Is Biden Doomed?

    The Never Trump Republicans have gotten the lion’s share of the attention in the coming presidential election, but they are being edged out by Democrats who say “Never Biden.”

    More voters now say they would never vote for Biden than Republicans who identify as “Never Trump,” The Daily Caller reported.

    The outlet cited a new survey in its report:

    Among likely voters living in six key swing states, 51% say there’s “not really any chance” they’d vote for Biden, compared to just 46% saying the same thing about former President Donald Trump, according to a May poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College. The trend of more voters vowing never to vote for Biden than Trump extends beyond just one poll, with three polls stretching between November 2023 and April all finding more never-Biden voters than never-Trump voters, The Washington Post reported.

    The American voter’s refusal to even consider voting for Biden is a reversal of the situation during the 2020 election. when voters consistently reported that they would never vote for Trump at higher rates than they did for Biden, according to the Post.


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