Eric Swalwell Attacks Senators Who Will Object On Jan. 6 — It Doesn’t End Well

Ted Cruz and Eric Swalwell

As reported earlier on Saturday, almost a dozen more GOP Senators will join Senator Josh Hawley and dozens of House members in objecting to the electoral count on January 6.

Many people on the left, including Rep. Eric Swalwell, didn’t take the news well, and called the senators “enemies of democracy.”

From Red State:

This of course is nonsense, because the senators have every right to object or not, as they so choose. It’s part of their constitutional job. What Democrats want is complete conformity with their will. That’s why they had no issue when it was Democrats objecting to Republican presidents and their electoral count. Democrats actually objected to the last three Republican presidents during the electoral count, although they only had a senator joining in in 2005.

But given Swalwell’s history of falsely accusing President Donald Trump of Russia collusion and then having his own “history” of being with a Chinese spy, he probably should have just kept quiet. Swalwell wasn’t going to get off easily in his effort to attack Cruz and the other Republicans for following the Constitution. Bottom line? He’s the last guy who should be talking about anyone, especially people trying to defend the Constitution and the security of elections.

As the Daily Caller noted about Swalwell and Fang Fang.

The two remained close – just how close he says is “classified” – until 2015 when the FBI gave Rep. Swalwell a defensive briefing about Fang. This was especially important since Nancy Pelosi had by then picked Swalwell to be a member of the House Intelligence Committee. Fang soon vanished back to China, and Swalwell became a leading proponent of the debunked anti-Trump Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

The hypocrisy is remarkable. Swalwell loudly condemned Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. for a single business meeting with suspected Russian operative Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016, after he had carried on a four-year relationship with an alleged Chinese spy. If Swalwell believed that the set-up meeting at Trump Tower was evidence of nefarious activity implicating Donald Trump, his countless private moments with Fang Fang should mean immediate disqualification from public life.

He still refuses to talk about his relationship with her.

However, Swalwell was quickly shut down by many on the internet for his effort.

Here are some of the best responses: