Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Exclusive Interview: Trump Gets Candid About Love, Marriage, and Melania – Must-Watch Revelations!

    Former President Donald Trump opened up this week about his family, specifically emphasizing his wife, Melania Trump.

    During an interview on Fox News, the 45th president commended Melania for her intellect, saying that she played a substantial role throughout his tenure and would persist in doing so.

    “She’s very smart and a very compassionate person. She wants to make America great again, too,” Trump said. “And I would rely on her for advice and all others.

    When asked about the 2020 election, Trump spoke about the challenges his family faced due to their involvement in politics. “They did such a great job last time, and they were gone after by people that were very unfair,” he said, alluding to the scrutiny and investigations his family underwent.


    Latest Posts

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