Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Game-Changer Alert: Trump Secures CatholicVote’s Blessing in the Midst of New Hampshire Showdown!

    One of the biggest Catholic advocacy groups in the country has endorsed former President Donald Trump as the New Hampshire primary has begun.

    According to Fox News, CatholicVote has endorsed Trump for president. Also, in Tuesday’s presidential primary, CatholicVote urges about 137,000 Catholic voters in New Hampshire to support Trump.

    Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, spoke with Fox News and said the organization has “remained neutral” throughout the primary until this point because they believed there were “several viable and compelling candidates in the race.”

    “But the number of candidates has dramatically winnowed over the last week, and we are now in a two-person race. And we think at this point it is important that Catholics start to rally around President Trump. Not only would he be a far better choice than Nikki Haley, but he is the choice that Americans need in November. And Catholics… will play a critical role in this election, and the fate of our Catholic way of life is really at stake in this election,” Burch said.


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