George Clooney Admits He Cuts His Own Hair With Something He Bought Off An Infomercial 25 Years Ago

Famous Hollywood actor George Clooney managed to get a laugh out of CBS’s Tracy Smith when he admitted to cutting his own hair with a Flowbee.

“Stop it!” Smith exclaimed as Clooney explained that he had bought the home haircut machine from an infomercial some 25 years earlier — and he’d been using it ever since.

Clooney shared this information when he was asked by Smith on whether or not he cuts his own hair in this pandemic, when hair saloons are unavailable. He then shared that he had been cutting his own hair for 25 years.

So this has nothing to do with quarantine, then?” Smith asked.

Clooney ruffled his own hair, explaining that it was “like straw” and very easy to cut, adding, “You can’t really make too many mistakes.

So, years ago, I bought a thing called a Flowbee —” Clooney continued.

You did not!” Smith interrupted. “The infomercial, the Flowbee —”

“— with the vacuum cleaner and the clippers,” Clooney laughed. “I still have it, yeah.”

Stop it!” Smith exclaimed, shaking he head in apparent disbelief. “You don’t use it.

Clooney smiled and said that his haircuts take about two minutes.

Is this —” Smith gestured toward Clooney’s hair. “Is this Flowbee?

It works,” Clooney said with a laugh.

The Flowbee, which combines a portable vacuum cleaner and hair clippers, advertised a perfect haircut every time — “with no clean up!

Twitter’s reactions were hilarious.

“And JLO uses vasoline as moisturizer, right? I’m skeptical!” one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “Millions of men are about to butcher themselves in the hopes they can look like George Clooney; Don’t do it! Its genetics! And overall being a good person.

In any case, Flowbee looks hilarious!