GOP In Key Swing State Says Enough Is Enough – Files Lawsuit Demanding Votes Be Audited

Arizona GOP files lawsuit against Maricopa County

GOP State Senators from Arizona sued Maricopa County with the hope of getting a judge to force officials to comply with subpoenas demanding they turn over election materials.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday by Senate President Karen Fann and Senator Eddie Farnsworth, is the latest major legal effort amid a standoff between local officials and legislators, who have said they want to conduct their own audit of Maricopa County’s election tabulation.

Farnsworth sent two subpoenas to the county last week. Instead of complying with the Friday deadline he set, the county filed a lawsuit to squash the subpoena, arguing that they weren’t valid and should be considered a “draconian abuse of power.”

“The Arizona Legislature, through a subpoena duly executed by a presiding officer or committee chairman of either house, may demand of any person the production of any document or record with respect to any subject matter,” the lawsuit said.

Farnsworth said a review of voting equipment and software would address allegations of election fraud and go a long way toward “restoring the confidence” in the election process.

A superior court judge set a hearing for Wednesday afternoon.

President Trump and his allies claim Dominion Voting Systems machines allowed for votes to be improperly switched to President-elect Joe Biden. Dominion Voting Systems, which had its machines used in Maricopa County and in other places across the country, has vociferously denied the allegations of being involved in a massive voter fraud scheme, billing them as being part of a “disinformation” effort.