Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Hollywood Scandal: De Niro Loses Award Over Trump Rant!

    Famed actor Robert De Niro was about to collect yet another award for his mantle but after he went on what many called an unhinged rant against former President Donald Trump on Thursday, officials have decided to rescind it.

    De Niro appeared outside the Manhattan courtroom where Trump’s hush-money trial was taking place on behalf of President Joe Biden’s campaign, where he claimed that Trump was a “threat to democracy” and that should he win in November, he’ll become a “dictator.”

    “Do we want him running this country and saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m dictator for life’?” De Niro railed. Speaking in support of a new, anti-Trump ad blitz by the Biden campaign, De Niro said he hoped to remind voters about “what a danger he [Trump] is to our lives.”


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