Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Huckabee Sanders Exposes Biden’s Agenda: ‘It’s Destroying Our Nation’

    Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican, has criticized President Joe Biden for his open-border policies, calling his administration a “failure.”

    “Governor, why is it so hard to deport people who don’t belong here who kick cops, drive drunk, and steal my grandma’s Social Security number?” host Jesse Watters asked Sanders during an interview on Fox News.

    “Because we have a president who absolutely doesn’t care that millions and millions of people are coming across our border illegally. He has the power to shut the border down, to stop it. He can reinstate the remain in Mexico policy. He could actually build the wall. There is a lot of things he could be doing and this simply is a complete and total failure by this administration. In the state of Arkansas alone we seized enough fentanyl in the last year to kill every single person in our entire state,” Sanders began.

    “That’s nearly 3 million people. Every man, woman and child. Enough fentanyl just in this state alone. It’s an absolute disgrace with this president is doing and it’s another great example while in November he has to go and Donald Trump has to be put back in place so we can secure our border and get our country back,” she added.


    Latest Posts

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