“I Can’t Stay”: Another Top Official Resigns From Trump White House

President Donald Trump

A number of officials have resigned from US President Donald Trump’s administration in the wake of the events that occurred on Wednesday.

Deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, the chief of staff of First Lady Melania Trump, White House social secretary Anna Cristina “Rickie” Niceta reportedly resigned last night, Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Matthews also quit on Wednesday.

Now, Mick Mulvaney, a one-time chief of staff and current special envoy to Northern Ireland in the Trump administration, announced that he will be resigning from his post on Thursday morning.

Mulvaney, who was fired from his job as chief of staff in favor of Mark Meadows last March, said that he informed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of his decision Wednesday evening.

“I called Mike Pompeo last night to let him know I was resigning from that,” he told CNBC. “I can’t do it. I can’t stay.”

From Washington Examiner:

The announcement comes after four other high-ranking White House officials announced their resignations in the wake of the violent Capitol Hill outburst that overtook the nation’s capital Wednesday afternoon.

Mulvaney alluded to other resignations in his remarks, claiming that those who will remain in their official capacities are motivated predominantly by fear.

“Those who choose to stay, and I have talked with some of them, are choosing to stay because they’re worried the president might put someone worse in,” he said.