Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    In a Twist of Fate: Trump’s Final Word Before New Hampshire Primary – Prepare for the Unexpected!

    Former President Donald Trump returned to his home city of New York on Monday to attend a trial involving E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against him, which could include his testimony.

    The Washington Times reported that Trump, who may wind up sealing the 2024 GOP presidential nomination with a win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, “has signaled he wants to address the jury in his battle with Ms. Carroll, a columnist who alleges the former president raped her in a department store in 1996 and defamed her when she came forward decades later.”

    On Sunday, Trump told New Hampshire supporters he was planning to head back to New York City to attend the trial, but it remains to be seen if he plans on testifying.

    “I don’t have to be there, but I want to be there because otherwise, I can’t get a fair shake. I’m going to be in court,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Rochester.


    Latest Posts

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