Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Internet Roasts Biden for Painfully Wrong Pronunciation—Watch Now!

    Another video featuring President Joe Biden visibly struggling to speak has gone viral on social media, adding new concerns that he does not have the mental or physical ability to serve another four-year term.

    Biden traveled to New Hampshire to explain the impact of the PACT Act, a 2022 law helping veterans access benefits due to toxic exposure during their service, Fox News reported. But a video of him struggling to pronounce the name of the act quickly spread on social media, overshadowing his speech about the law itself.

    “Let me close with this, after I signed the pack-[unintelligible] act into law,” he stumbled.

    The clip immediately spread across social platforms.

    “I commend @RNCResearch for deciphering what Joe Biden said,” conservative communicator Steve Guest wrote regarding a post on X that quoted Biden as saying, “After I signed the asjiojfeijgergewefhahohoiore into law.”


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