Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Is Biden Fit to Lead? Shocking Report Reveals All!

    President Joe Biden reportedly faces considerable challenges in closed-door meetings with U.S. officials and lawmakers, to the extent that there are questions about his level of alertness and coherence.

    The Wall Street Journal conducted interviews with numerous individuals — both Republicans and Democrats, including insiders at the White House — for its report and discovered that many expressed significant worries about Biden’s mental suitability for his role. Their concerns align with those of a vast majority of voters as the upcoming election approaches, after years of Biden committing grave mental lapses, ranging from forgetting the timeline of his tenure in office to asserting that he had recently met with individuals who had been deceased for years.

    The report comes after Special Counsel Robert Hur decided that he could not bring criminal charges against Biden for mishandling classified material because he did not believe that Biden would be viewed as fit to stand trial. Hur’s description of Biden left Republicans wondering how it is possible that Biden isn’t fit to stand trial but he is supposedly fit to run for reelection.


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