Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Ivanka Trump Speaks Out: ‘It’s Painful to Experience’

    Ivanka Trump has publicly sworn off politics and has said she wants no part of Washington, D.C., or the White House should her father, former President Donald Trump, win again in November. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t prepared to help him, especially following his “painful” hush money conviction.

    In 2016, Ivanka was a prominent part of her father’s first campaign and in 2020, she introduced him at the Republican National Convention, which was during the height of the COVID pandemic and was held without attendance. Now, despite swearing off politics to focus on her young children, the New York Post reports she’ll be in Milwaukee to watch his acceptance speech after he’s formally nominated as the GOP candidate.

    “The RNC will run from July 15-18 at the Fiserv Forum, and Trump sources stressed that Ivanka will not serve in any political capacity at the event, as a delegate, fundraiser or otherwise,” The Post noted, adding that she told  podcaster Lex Fridman recently that politics is a “rough, rough business” and a “pretty dark world.”


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