James Woods Was Asked To Describe Hillary With 1 Word – His Answer Won The Internet

Someone set up a fan club account on Hillary Clinton and is posting engaging content from it. The only problem is that they are setting up themselves for some serious trolling.

For example, take a look at this tweet.

“What is the first word that comes to your mind about @HillaryClinton?”

Now, people immediately trolled the account.

“Soulless and corrupt to her core.” one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “Corrupt, but then there’s vain, or incompetent, murderer, liar. And many more, so many it’s hard to choose just one.”

One person said, “Corrupt. Thought about thief but that’s just not a big enough word to encompass a career of lying, destroying others-even on a global scale-and massive and shameless padding of her own bank accounts.”

But the best response had James Woods.

““See” And the last word is “Tuesday”” he tweeted.

Interestingly enough, there were people that also supported Hillary as well.

“Grace under fire. Brilliant, competent to run the Country. 2016 Election was stolen from her by Trump with the help of the Russians and the corrupt GOP” one person tweeted.

Another person said, “Robbed. She was robbed…. But, We the People were also robbed of the best damn president we would have ever had and not sick with disease and division”

One person said, “Fearsome The men on Capitol Hill are deathly afraid of her. HRCs knowledge, skill &(most importantly) lack of fear in wielding power as she sees fit. She knows what is in their closets & where the bodies are buried After decades of attacking her Hillary w’power terrifies them!”

What are your thoughts on this?