Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Jill Biden’s Fiery Exchange with Reporter: “Don’t Scream at Me!”

    First Lady Jill Biden expressed frustration with reporters for “screaming” at her as she walked from a coffee shop to her car on Monday.

    The incident occurred when a reporter attempted to ask her a question about her husband, leading to her admonishment of the press’s behavior, Fox News reported.

    In a video posted by JM Rieger, a senior video journalist at the Washington Post, Jill was approached by a reporter as she was leaving a coffee shop who questioned her about the increasing number of Democrats who are urging President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.

    “Dr. Biden, do you have any message to House Democrats who are calling for your husband to drop out of the race? How are you feeling about the state of the race?” a female reporter could be heard shouting.


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