Jim Acosta Was Just Caught Blatantly Lying For Something We All Witnessed

The New York Times believes that the media should’ve been tougher on Trump. In other words, constantly question every single thing he said or did. Like there will be a big difference from what they are doing now.

“We journalists should have been tougher on Mr. Trump, questioning his every lie and insult,” writes @jorgeramosnews. “We should not have let him get away with his racism and xenophobia.” – tweeted the account.

CNN’s Jim Acosta immediately jumped on the thread.

“With all due respect, the WH seized my press credentials after I called out Trump’s xenophobia when he referred to a migrant caravan as an invasion. Some of us were calling out his lies, his racism and dealt with serious death threats along the way. Inaccurate to say otherwise.” he tweeted.

However, it seems that Acosta forgot why did he lose the credentials. Well, the Internet was here to remind him.

One person said, “Your credentials were pulled because you were acting like the disrespectful jackass that you are. Spin it how you want now Jimmy. But the truth is you had a tantrum and got put in time out.”

Another person said, “Says, “With all due respect” Goes on to lie about what happened, thus no respect for anyone. LOL”

One person tweeted, “you should have not gone to those liefests. If you had courage, your network would have abstained from going. You didn’t. You don’t get kudos for occasionally asking a tough question.”

What are your thoughts on this?