WATCH: Jon Voight Explains Why Trump Is The Man To Save USA

Jon Voight

Famous actor Jon Voight posted a viral video this week saying that President Donald Trump is “the only man who can save this nation.”

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now,” the Academy Award-winning actor begins in the roughly two-minute clip. “We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want: to destroy America.”

Voight warned that the country is in “great danger if we fall under a Biden administration” and called California Gov. Gavin Newsom a “disgrace to mankind” as part of a “leftist mob” trying to suppress freedom.

“Gov. Newsom has destroyed many lives of people who depended on their businesses, and now, he wants to shut down again,” Voight explained. “I ask all to fight this battle now to get them all out.”

The Midnight Cowboy actor continued: “Let the truth show itself that President Trump is the only man who can save this nation. Let us fight this evil now and know that God’s truths will expose them all.”

“Let’s not give up,” Voight says in closing. “God Bless.”

Jon Voight, one of the few outspoken supporters of President Donald Trump in Hollywood, was immediately attacked on social media for his views, including from television writer and producer Cheo Hodari Coker.

“Here’s the crazy thing: Jon Voight is an AMAZING actor,” Coker tweeted. “One of the best I’ve ever worked with, during my ‘Ray Donovan’ time. Warm. Attentive. Smart. But then he gets a mic and platform, and he loses his goddamn mind. It makes it hard to hold on to the good memories you have.”

“Truly great actor,” filmmaker Andy Ostroy tweeted. “Really awful human.”

Voight also received support on the platform and was complemented by fellow actor and Trump supporter Randy Quaid.

“Hear hear, Jon! I’ll share a foxhole with you anytime,” Quaid tweeted. “See you at the Battle of Melrose and LaBrea (unfortunately, not the Oscars, since the Left has cancelled us). Think what a movie Hal Ashby could make of this. We are truly blessed to have Trump as our president.”