JUST IN: Trump Sends Urgent Message To All Supporters Over Jan. 6th

President Trump called for a “wild” protest on January 6th on Twitter.

“Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election,” he tweeted. “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

Jan. 6 is the day Congress will meet to accept the presidential election results. President-elect Joe Biden won the election, and presidential electors cast their votes last week in the Electoral College.

However, as you can see, President Trump is not going without a fight. He is doing everything in his power to stop Biden from getting the Presidency.

Twitter community immediately responded to this. Some showed their support while others attacked Trump.

One person tweeted, “It’s statically impossible that you lost, because you didn’t! America is aware of the great steal underway, and we will not allow it to happen!”

Another person tweeted, “You lost!!! Assembling a 36 page “report” of allegations, is not the same as assembling a 36 page report of “proof” of those allegations! If you’d had proof…you wouldn’t have lost over 50 times in a courtroom!”

One person said, “We the 74+ million who voted for you know you won. We have called, emailed & protested yet they are still slow walking. I have zero confidence the Republicans will help you. Execute your EO & secure your victory. You have the evidence and power. We are with you!”

Another person said, “I can’t believe that these dudes wave around US flags while signing up for a guy who is clearly for limiting democracy and civil rights and moving towards a totalitarian government run directly by him. We’ve always, at least aspirationally, been for increasing the former.”