Just In: Unearthed Secrets Reveal Clinton Allies Boosted Steele’s Access To FBI

Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele

New documents that were publicly released on Wednesday reveal just how involved State Department employees were in Christopher Steele sharing unverified claims about President Trump’s links to Russia with the FBI in 2016.

The records that were declassified in August draw out the links between Steele and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, showing how the British ex-spy worked with Clinton allies at the State Department to pass to FBI investigators unfounded Russia allegations.

This comes as renewed scrutiny is being given to the role that Steele’s dossier played in 2016, and how some of Joe Biden’s picks for top jobs in his incoming administration (such as Jake Sullivan for National Security Adviser and Neera Tanden for the White House’s budget director (played roles in promoting now-discredited Trump-Russia claims.

Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, the two top Republican senators who have been trying to pry this information out of the government for years, said the exposure on Wednesday is a victory for transparency as they continue to root out misconduct surrounding the bureau’s inquiry into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“For years, the American people have demanded answers to questions regarding the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation and its targeting of the Trump campaign, the presidential transition, and the Trump administration. Our committees have sought to uncover and expose misconduct by calling on agencies to declassify and produce text messages, internal emails, and other investigative material, which in turn we have made public,” the Republican Senators said Thursday. “Although agency bureaucrats have fought tooth and nail to keep records hidden, our commitment to transparency has never wavered. The documents we are releasing today are the product of our continued fight for transparency.”

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