Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    JUST IN:Hannity Drops Big News About The Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras

    Top-rated Fox News host Sean Hannity gave an important update regarding the FBI’s Monday raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

    During his opening monologue on Wednesday, Hannity said that his sources have confirmed that the security cameras at the palatial home were never turned off, as FBI agents requested.

    He also ripped the Biden administration, the Justice Department, and the FBI for conducting the raid in the first place — the first one ever involving a former U.S. president in the country’s history.

    Hannity began:

    Many of you tonight are very angry, rightfully so. The FBI is blatantly targeting our fellow Americans for their political beliefs. The bureau’s reputation has been shattered. My faith in an organization – I’ll be honest. I had two family members. They were dating my family because they worked for this organization. I revered this organization for decades of my life. If you listen to my radio show, watch this show, you know my love of law enforcement. It is now pretty much been utterly destroyed.

    And more specifically, I just do not trust nor I think should anybody be able to trust high ranking people that have now perpetuated those people at the top of the FBI. The Trump Russia conspiracy theory hoax, it was all a lie for years. They knew it was a lie. They kept perpetuating the lie. Those that purposely lied to FISA court judges to spy on a presidential candidate and a president again and again and again. They have hurt this institution.


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