Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Kamala Harris’ False Abortion Claim Against Trump Exposed on X!

    Vice President Kamala Harris received the “community notes” treatment on the X platform after she repeated a patently false claim regarding former President Donald Trump’s position on abortion.

    She tweeted, “Donald Trump would ban abortion nationwide. President @JoeBiden and I will do everything in our power to stop him and restore women’s reproductive freedom.” The VP posted her message three days after Trump’s debate with President Joe Biden, where he said he would not sign a bill calling for a federal abortion ban, a position he’s held throughout his campaign.

    The community note soon followed: “President Trump has repeatedly said he will not sign a national abortion ban.” The fact-check provided multiple links to news articles from reputable media outlets reporting on Trump’s abortion stance. It also included a link to a video posted by Trump on Truth Social in April, where the former president stated that he wants the states and “the will of the people” to decide on abortion laws.


    Latest Posts

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