Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Kari Lake’s Game-Changing Reaction to Trump VP Rumors – What She Just Revealed Will Shock You!

    Former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke about the possibility of becoming Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate earlier this week after he won a historic victory in the Iowa caucuses and just ahead of his New Hampshire primary win on Tuesday.

    In an interview earlier in the day with Newsmax TV, Lake appeared to have significantly downplayed the rumors that she was in the potential veep running. Lake told “Wake Up America” host Rob Finnerty she plans to be a U.S. senator instead.

    “I’m not looking to you to figure that out,” she told Finnerty, adding it was “premature” to say who Trump’s running mate will be. “The people of Arizona will figure it out. I appreciate your speculation. I see myself on Inauguration Day, standing on the floor of the United States Senate. That’s where I envision myself.”

    She added that she will do “everything I can to help President Trump and everything I can to help my country,” but whoever he picks will be a “great choice.”


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