Law Prof. Says Biden Should Appoint Obama As AG – But It Gets Even Worse

In an opinion article that was published in The Hill, a law professor suggested that Biden should appoint Barack Obama as the new Attorney General. Unbelievable.

From RedState:

Douglas Kmiec, who works as professor emeritus of constitutional law at Pepperdine University School of Law and once worked in the Office of Legal Counsel for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, according to his bio, starts by writing that he doesn’t get why these congressmen and senators are causing a fuss about the Electoral College certification, which I wrote about earlier tonight.

While Senator Mitt Romney, Señor Squish, Pierre Delecto himself, calls Sen. Josh Hawley and others in the Conservative wing of the GOP “dangerous” for making the world question the legitimacy of our electoral process (or something), Kmiec has more mundane concerns.

After a preamble about something-something Wuhan coronavirus, he expounded that there’s a big problem with harping on about voter fraud in the 2020 election, especially when —  I’m not making this up, dear readers —  the Washington Post has reported there’s nothing to see here:

As for the second, the president has had no success in convincing state and federal courts that the wide distribution of unrequested mail-in ballots, the alleged rigging of voting machines or the storage of uncounted ballots under a table proves voter fraud. The Washington Post compiled an exhaustive and legally exhausting list of individual fraud allegations and the scrupulously fair manner in which all were denied.

And as I mentioned earlier, with a straight face, he says President-elect Joseph R. Biden really needs to nominate Barack Obama as AG to restore “the rule of law.”

Should Biden prevail, which seems likely, he will need to be highly capable at reassuring estranged voters — Democrat, Republican or independent — that he is governing in the national interest. Biden’s almost-plagiarized overuse of the red state/blue state metaphor from the 2008 election needs a definite boost of authenticity and actual demonstration of applied fairness. Instead of continuing to borrow Barack Obama’s trade line, he needs Obama himself. The fastest way to re-establish the rule of law is for Biden to nominate Obama as attorney general.

But wait, it gets even more demented. Kmiec anticipates pushback for his wrongheaded ideas, but in saying he “gets it,” he doubles down on the crazy. Not once, but twice.

There’s this nonsense:

“We have never had a former president take on the leadership of an executive department for a successor president, but nothing precludes it, save, possibly, Michelle Obama.”

Then he ends with this horrific concept:

“….[I]t’s perfect preparation for subsequent additional public service on the Supreme Court.”