Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Legal Expert’s Deep Dive: Breaking Down the Colorado Judge’s Ruling in Trump’s 14th Amendment Case – What You Need to Know!

    A prominent legal expert has dissected the decision of a state judge in Colorado regarding an attempt to have former President Donald Trump removed from the ballot for 2024 by referring to the “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment.

    After reading the decision, Fox News analyst Sol Wisenberg found only one “significant” aspect: the judge “held back.” Wisenberg also argued that the Colorado case, pending the outcome at the state Supreme Court, could impact the 2024 presidential election.

    District Judge Sarah B. Wallace stated in her decision that she thinks the ex-president was involved in an insurrection, but that the 14th Amendment does not specifically mention the presidency among the numerous positions that an individual cannot attain if they are guilty of insurrection.

    “Part of the Court’s decision is its reluctance to embrace an interpretation which would disqualify a presidential candidate without a clear, unmistakable indication that such is the intent of Section Three,” the judge wrote.


    Latest Posts

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