Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Liberals Go Nuts Over Elon Musk’s Latest Tweet

    Elon Musk sparked outrage from liberals after he tweeted a photo of two fake handguns and four Diet Coke cans laying on his nightstand.

    Musk, who officially took over Twitter on Oct. 27, tweeted the photograph Monday with the caption, “My bedside table.” The image featured a wooden handgun in a box containing an image of the painting  “George Washington Crossing the Delaware” inside a velveteen box. The other handgun laid near the edge of the nightstand.

    Liberals immediately raged over the post and criticized Musk for allegedly failing to practice proper gun safety protocols.

    “As a survivor and now Trauma Surgeon, I can tell you @elonmusk that the safest way to store your firearm is Unloaded and Locked. This is critical to practicing responsible gun ownership. I suspect that if you spent a day with me in our trauma center, your views may change,” Joseph Sakran, a trauma surgeon and gun violence survivor, said.


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