Lindsey Graham Gives Dire Warning, Reveals The Two Things That Will “Destroy Conservatism”

Senator Lindsey Graham argued today that the biggest enemies of Conservatism right now are “social media companies and mail-in voting.”

“There’s two threats to conservatism: mass mail-in voting unverified and social media companies unregulated, unable to be sued when they take down the content of conservatives,” Senator Graham told “Hannity.”

“Social media companies and mail-in voting will destroy conservatism if we don’t push back,” he continued.

Senator Graham made these claims because he plans to introduce a new bill Tuesday to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

“Section 230 allows the big tech companies to take down content and make decisions without being sued and they’re not regulated. There’s no business that I know of in America that can’t be sued for their actions and not subject to regulation by the government at any level, except big tech,” Graham explained.

Graham pledged “to introduce legislation that would repeal Section 230, Jan. 1, 2023, which would give the Congress two years to replace it with something better and if we can’t find that something better it goes away.”

“And you and the New York Post and Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham can sue these bastards when they try to censor content,” the senator said.

Graham insisted there is also bipartisan support for restraining big tech and said, “I’ve had Democrats come up to me and say ‘we hate these big tech companies as much as you do. They’ve abused power, they’re American companies, they’ve created technology that enriches our lives, but they’ve got more power than anybody in the history of the world in terms of information flow.’”

“They have a political bias,” Graham continued. “They’re protected from lawsuits and they’re not regulated by the government. That needs to come to an end.”

I dunno about you folks, but Conservative voices are way to suppressed on Facebook and Twitter. Senator Graham is right in pushing this agenda. I really hope he goes all the way.