Lou Dobbs Rages, Tells Trump: They’re Trying to Overthrow You

Lou Dobbs

Fox Business’ host Lou Dobbs told President Donald Trump on air last night that people are trying to “overthrow” him.

After covering the encouraging vaccine news, Lou Dobbs then questioned how Biden could’ve possibly won the election when he had such a “poor performance.”

The Fox Business host then spoke directly to the president in response to his interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. Dobbs told Trump:

“If I may, Mr. President, the problem here is that you’re not just fighting fraud any more than you were just fighting the Russia hoax. That was an effort, not a hoax, to overthrow your presidency. Not a hoax. An outright effort to overthrow the presidency of the United States that went on from the time you won the office to the time right now. The irregularities in this year’s election are not just fraud, electoral or voter, they are another attempt to overthrow the president of the United States.”

Dobbs then echoed Trump’s attacks on the FBI and DOJ, suggesting that maybe they were involved in this too.

He then went on to speak to Sidney Powell. At one point during the discussion about Georgia, Dobbs said:

“You know, people don’t go to jail for their attitude, but in the case of the secretary of state and the governor of Georgia right now, one would be tempted to prosecute based on their conduct so far.”

Powell asserted her claim she made on Newsmax that it “seems that” both the governor and secretary of state received “significant benefits” for approving a contract for Dominion.

At the end of the interview, the host said Trump needs to take “dramatic action” on the election and “the crimes that have been committed.”

“And if the Justice Department doesn’t want to do it, if the FBI cannot do it, then we have to find other resources in the federal government,” Dobbs declared. “This is an assault on the core of our democracy.”

The Fox Business host continued to go after the DOJ and FBI in his interview with Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton. Dobbs accused them of being “absolutely acquiescent to voter fraud, electoral fraud, and worse, what may be a foreign assault on the country for all we know.”

He even went after Bill Barr after Fitton said the AG “talks a good game” but doesn’t deliver:

“I don’t think he talks a good game, Tom. I think he’s made a couple of timely statements perhaps, but he doesn’t even talk a good game. He is not involved in a game. This is an attack on the United States, whether it is from enemies domestic or foreign, whether it is both, I don’t know. But I can tell you this: for the Justice Department and the FBI to do nothing in the face of obvious, obvious fraud and the effort to rig elections across this country? This is stupefying.”

Dobbs then demanded to know why Republicans aren’t “walking into every state house and saying ‘this will not stand, we’re going to vote again.’”

He continued to trash Republicans for not doing more to support the president, who he said is receiving “no help” from the “RINOs”.

Speaking to Matt Gaetz, Dobbs asked: “Where in the hell are the Republicans when we’ve got a battle for the White House underway?”