Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Megyn Kelly Exposes Trump’s VP Shortlist – The Unexpected Name That’s Turning Heads!

    Popular SiriusXM podcast host Megyn Kelly thinks she has identified a new potential running mate on former President Donald Trump’s shortlist: Freshman Republican Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama.

    On Thursday, Kelly played a video clip of an interview Trump did with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly in which the former president said he had removed “some people” who he “didn’t think behaved properly” out of consideration.

    “Does ‘they didn’t behave appropriately,’ do you think — we’re trying to get into his mind — mean somebody who attacked him?” Kelly asked. “Because I think, I think he would have used a different word. You know, ‘They turned out to be losers.’ You know, I think he would have been stronger in his condemnation, and he might have even named them if they had actually slammed him.”

    “Ruthless” podcast co-host Michael Duncan offered that Trump “doesn’t like desperation” before suggesting that the 45th president could have ruled “some people” out because he felt they “are a little too thirsty” for the position.


    Latest Posts

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