Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    Nancy Mace’s Jaw-Dropping Takedown of Dems’ Impeachment Hysteria!

    House Republicans held their first impeachment inquiry hearing on Thursday to decide whether President Joe Biden should be impeached. Republicans detailed their probe into the Biden family’s economic practices, while Democrats supported the president and denied any wrongdoing.

    South Carolina GOP Rep. Nancy Mace used strong language to criticize Democrats on the committee for dismissing Republican allegations of President Biden’s business connections.

    Mace cited a 2017 agreement with the Chinese firm CEFC, stating that the deal involves making millions “off of granting access to Joe Biden.”

    “Hunter even arranged for Joe Biden to share office space with the CCP-aligned company CEFC. My Democrat colleagues say none of this is relevant because Joe Biden wasn’t vice president while his family did these shady deals,” Mace said. “Turns out that’s complete and total bulls—. It’s a lie.”


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