Thursday, July 18, 2024

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    Nevada Judge Sides with Trump: ‘Fake Electors’ Case Dismissed!

    In a victory for supporters of former President Donald Trump, a case of so-called fake electors has been dismissed in Nevada.

    Judge Mary Kay Holthus dismissed the case because, she said, Clark County was not the appropriate venue, The Nevada Independent reported.

    “At a Friday morning hearing in Clark County District Court, Judge Mary Kay Holthus said she was unconvinced by state prosecutors’ arguments that Clark County was the appropriate county in which to hear the case. The electors’ attorneys had argued a more appropriate venue would be in Carson City, where the illegitimate signing ceremony took place, or in Douglas County, where the fake elector documents were originally mailed from,” the report said.

    If you are wondering why prosecutors, who should have known better, brought the case to Clark Count, the answer may be that Clark County has 468,651 registered Democrats versus 357,762 registered Republicans, the Nevada Secretary of State records show.

    Juxtapose that with Carson City, which has 14,927 registered Republicans to 9,805 registered Democrats, or Douglas County, where registered Republicans total 21,840 and registered Democrats total 7,942, and you may have the answer.


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