Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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    Race for 2024 Intensifies: Nikki Haley’s Unprecedented Move Rocks Political Landscape!

    Another week, another round of excuses from Nikki Haley.

    Despite losing the first four GOP presidential primary races to former President Donald Trump and every single poll showing she’s headed for a blowout loss in her home state of South Carolina this Saturday, Haley is vowing to stay in the race.

    Haley gave what she dubbed a “state of the presidential race” on Tuesday afternoon, arguing that she plans to continue with her campaign.

    “We’ve all heard the calls for me to drop out. We all know where they’re coming from: the political elite, the party bosses, the cheerleaders in the commentator world. The argument is familiar. They say I haven’t won a state, that my path to victory is slim. They point to the primary polls and say I’m only delaying the inevitable. Why keep fighting when the battle was apparently over after Iowa?” Haley began.

    “Look, I get it. In politics, the herd mentality is enormously strong. A lot of Republican politicians have surrendered to it. The pressure on them was way too much. They didn’t want to be left out of the club. Of course, many of the same politicians who now publicly embrace Trump, privately dread him,” she said.


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