Rep Marjorie Green Sets The Internet On Fire With What She Said About Pelosi

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green lit up the Internet with what she tweeted about Pelosi today.

She tweeted, “Just proudly voted to REMOVE @SpeakerPelosi from the Speaker’s chair. A man, a father, and a son, @GOPLeader, should have the gavel!”

The Twitter community immediately reacted to this.

One person tweeted, “Much respect to you, Rep Greene. Keep fighting for America and upholding the constitution.”

Another person tweeted, “1000% With you on that. Pelosi needs to go!”

One person said, “Let’s keep it going, she has proven enough times she hates and doesn’t care about Americans”

There are also people that attacked her as well.

One person tweeted, “Why are you even there? I thought there was massive voter fraud in the election where you “won”.”

Another person tweeted, “You should not even be there. I hope the next DOJ fully investigates your illegal use of PPP money to “self fund” your “campaign.””