Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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    RFK Jr. Reveals Running Mate Pick – Not Who You Think!

    Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced on Tuesday that Silicon Valley lawyer Nicole Shanahan will be his 2024 running mate for president.

    Kennedy had also been considering New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, as well as several others like former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, according to The New York Times. The Democrat-turned-independent picked Shanahan to be his vice president because she shared his views on health, censorship, immigration and more, he said during a speech in Oakland, California.

    “And I found all of those qualities in a woman who grew up right here in Oakland. The daughter of immigrants who overcame every daunting obstacle, and went on to achieve the highest levels of the American dream,” said Kennedy. “So that is why I’m so proud to introduce to you, the next vice president of the United States — my fellow lawyer, a brilliant scientist, technologist, a fierce, warrior mom, Nicole Shanahan.”


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