Sarah Fuller makes college football history with kickoff

Sarah Fuller officially makes college football history by being the first woman to play in power-conference college football game. What an amazing accomplishment. It might be the first step but this will definitely affect the football games in the long run.

The Vanderbilt place-kicker kicked off to start the second half of Vanderbilt’s game against Missouri. As soon as she kicked the ball, she entered the history books. Her kick traveled 30 yards. The winless Commodores had yet to give her a chance at a field goal or extra point after being shut out.

Sarah Fuller was given a chance on the football team this week after several players were unavailable because they tested positive for COVID-19. In other words, it might’ve been bad news for the team and players, but good news for Fuller.

It hits me every now and then I’m like, ‘Whoa this is all happening,’ ” Fuller told the school’s official website before the game. “I think it’s amazing and incredible. But I’m also trying to separate that because I know this is a job I need to do and I want to help the team out and I want to do the best that I can. Placing that historical aspect aside just helps me focus in on what I need to do. I don’t want to let them down anyway.

“It’s an honor they called on me to be able to do this and help them out.”

Definitely a great day for all the women in the American football scene. Way to go Sarah!