Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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    Schumer RAGES On CNN Over Classified Biden Document Discovery

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lost his cool on Friday when discussing President Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal.

    During an interview on “CNN This Morning,” Schumer took offense when CNN co-hosts Don Lemon, Kaitlan Collins, and Poppy Harlow of “wanting to buzz around” about Biden having classified documents in multiple locations. Schumer began irritated after CNN played a supercut of lawmakers attacking former President Donald Trump following the raid at Mar-a-Lago over documents.

    Schumer defended his own reactions as “entirely consistent,” claiming he withheld comment immediately following the Mar-a-Lago raid. Things got tense after Schumer tried to wave off Lemon and dismiss his questions about where Democrats stand on the Biden scandal.

    Below is a transcript of the exchange:

    POPPY HARLOW: So you said the president is fully cooperated and there’s no indication that he and the White House have not. But there is a real question about transparency and what the American people deserve. Let me just let.


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