Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    Shocking Revelation – Pennsylvania’s New Voter Registration System Favors Republicans 2 to 1!

    It’s all but guaranteed that former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will square off again in the 2024 general election. And something major is happening in a crucial swing state that could help decide the winner next November.

    Some Republican officials and conservatives in Pennsylvania were not pleased when Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro instituted a new policy that automatically registered voters among those applying for driver’s licenses and state ID cards.

    Some lawmakers, like Bryan Cutler, the Republican leader in the state house, have voiced displeasure that the measure was enacted outside of the proper legislative channels.

    “The governor is following the sad and misguided precedent set by his predecessor that recognizes our election laws need updating and modernized, but then disenfranchises the General Assembly from exercising its constitutional prerogative to make laws,” Cutler said.


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