Sick, Sick, Sick! Leftists Launch Disturbing Attack On Rush Limbaugh After Emotional Sign Off

As you know, on Wednesday, one of the best radio commentators in America, Rush Limbaugh, announced that he won’t be doing any 2020 shows anymore. He was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year so this definitely plays a huge part.

All America sent him get well wishes and cards except for the Leftists. This just shows you what kind of people they are.

Rush Limbaugh is a demagogue who got rich off of hate speech, division, lies and toxicity. I have compassion for anyone suffering from cancer, but despite his illness, Limbaugh just kept doubling down on his bet against democracy. His legacy is shameful. Good riddance,” tweeted Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action.

“Over his career, Rush Limbaugh has done incalculable and enduring damage to our democracy, our sense of national community, and the honor of our country. His disgusting bigotry and cynicism should have no place in the future. I’m glad he’s off the air. We’re the better for it,” tweeted Charlotte Clymer.

“I have no empathy for Rush Limbaugh because of the harm he did to our country, conning millions of people including me with right wing propaganda, hate, racism, and sexism. I’m glad he’s not coming back on the air. Good riddance to bad rubbish,” tweeted David Weisman of Project Lincoln.