Look Who Was Spotted At The White House Late Last Night

Sidney Powell visited White House late on Sunday evening

Attorney Sidney Powell was spotted leaving the White House late Sunday evening just days after NYT reported a heated Oval Office meeting with some of President Donald Trump’s advisers.

She was spotted by multiple reporters leaving the residence side of the White House shortly before 9 p.m. ET.

Sidney Powell denied that she was meeting with President Trump, but when pressed again as to whether she met with the President or other White House officials, she retorted: “It would be none of your business.”

Powell was also asked whether President Trump plans to appoint her as a special counsel to investigate alleged voter fraud , something that came up during Friday’s meeting, but the attorney declined to answer.

As reported by NYT, Sidney Powell was joined by her client at the meeting, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and other Trump allies.

Sidney Powell has repeatedly claimed that voting machines had flaws during the November election which resulted in a different outcome.

Shortly after that meeting Friday, Trump’s campaign staff received a memo from the campaign legal team on Saturday instructing them to preserve all documents related to Dominion Voting Systems and Powell in anticipation of potential litigation by the company against the pro-Trump attorney.

The memo, viewed by CNN, references a letter Dominion sent to Powell last week demanding she publicly retract her accusations and instructs campaign staff not to alter, destroy or discard records that could be relevant.

Though the campaign once distanced itself from Powell, Trump has been urging other people to fight like she has, according to multiple people familiar with his remarks. He has asked for more people making her arguments.