So It Begins! Right After Newsmax Beat Fox In Ratings CNN’s Don Lemon Launches Despicable Attack

In a seemingly jealous attack, CNN’s Don Lemon dismissed the rising popularity of Newsmax, saying the network will never be as big as Fox News.


“Newsmax will be Newsmax, but it won’t be as powerful as Fox News,” Lemon said on air Tuesday. “It will never be as powerful as Fox News.”

Lemon predicted that Newsmax and other smaller networks will fade into obscurity “by March” and Fox News’s editorial tone will shift more toward the center in the post-Trump era.

“Fox News, here’s the thing that we’ve been dealing with: The other cable networks have had competition, right?” Lemon said. “The competition for people who said that they’re nonbiased, they’re in the middle, they’re independent. Fox News didn’t have any competition, because Fox News is the only far-right conservative network. Now they have some competition, so the playing field in some way is leveling. But it will moderate.”

A spokesperson for Fox News declined to comment on Lemon’s remarks. Newsmax did not immediately provide a comment.

Newsmax, which unlike Fox News has not projected President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election, claimed its first ratings win over Fox News for an hour of viewing on Monday evening.

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Well, well, well… this seems to me that Don Lemon and CNN are feeling threatened and this is why they are starting attacks on Newsmax. However, the people are not buying it. The American public is aware that there is new player / network in town and that is Newsmax.

What are your thoughts on this?